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Build a Hovercraft 


Build a Hovercraft 

Written By: Ben Adase 


With only one mildly expensive part, you can glide a couple of inches off the ground. I'm only 
ten, and /can do it! 

Step 1 — Building the body 


• First, take a large sheet of 1/2- inch 
plywood and cut out a 4-by-4 

• (I'm really sorry that all of my 
pictures had to be done in Paint.) 

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Build a Hovercraft 

Step 2 — Cutting your air port 


• Time to add your air port, where air 
will enter from your air source. If 
you don't have a leafblower, either 
stop here or buy one. Your blower 
should preferably be cordless. I got 
stuck with a corded one. 

• Warning: Leafblowers are 
loud and produce high- 
pitched sounds that can damage 
hearing, especially with long-term 
exposure. Only you can prevent 
hearing loss. Wear ear protection! 

• If your leafblower has an elongated 
tube, remove it. This thing needs to 
be compact. Use a pencil and trace 
the shape of the end of your 
leafblower on the wood. This 
should be drawn forward the side 
(see illustration). 

• Cut out your air port. 

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Build a Hovercraft 

Step 3 — Add the skirt 

Plastic should hang down a 

• You'll need some thick plastic. I 
used pond liner material. Old 
shower curtains are good too. Cut 
out a large piece, one foot in 
diameter larger than your wood. 
Put your wood on top of it. Use a 
staple gun to staple the plastic to 
the wood. Put in a staple about 
every 2 inches. The plastic should 
hang a bit underneath. 

Step 4 

• Cut out a 6-inch disc from 1/8-inch- 
thick wood. Drill a pilot hole 
through the center of your disc, 
plastic, and main hovercraft disk. 
The hole goes in the exact center 
of the hovercraft. Put a fender 
washer (dark blue here) on a 2-inch 
1/4-20 bolt (light blue), and drive 
the bolt up through your 6-inch disc 
(green), plastic (yellow), and 
hovercraft body (red). Apply 
another washer, and then a 1/4-20 
nut (pink). 

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Build a Hovercraft 

Step 5 — All Done! 

• Well, there you go. You have built a 
hovercraft! But don't use it yet. The 
last step is to cut 6 holes evenly 
spaced in a circle around the 6- 
inch disc. The holes should be 
about two inches wide. 

• If you want, you can screw a lawn 
chair to the craft. Just make sure 
the weight is evenly balanced. 

• This is me on my hovercraft. Have 

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